What Is Medium Carbon Steel

What is medium carbon steel? Applications and Properties

Carbon steel contains almost 2.1 percent carbon, and it is an iron-carbon compound. There is no specified content of alloying elements in carbon steel. The maximum copper, silicon and manganese content must be less than 0.6 wt.%, 0.6 wt.% and 1.65 wt.% respectively.

Properties of Medium Carbon Steel

  • Wondering what are the properties of medium carbon steel. Here are some essential points to learn.
  • Carbon content may vary between 0.3% and 0.6%
  • May be treated: tempering, quenching and austenitizing
  • Frequently used in tempered condition: tempered martensite
  • Addition of Mo, Ni, Cr enhances the heat treating capability
  • Strong alloys with lower ductility
  • Typically useful for crankshafts, gears, railway tracks and wheels

What is medium carbon steel?

Medium carbon steel has iron, and it is known as a ferrous metal. There are several applications and benefits of this steel. It is a strong and highly ductile alloy. Remember, medium carbon steel is useful for applications that need high-tensile flexibility and strength. Remember, numerous industries need mid-range steel products.

Structural Steel

To create steel commodities, construction industries need medium carbon steel. It is helpful for durable entities for the construction of roadways, bridges and buildings. Some common products are joiner plates, joints, beams, etc.

Gearing and Shafts

Wondering what is medium carbon steel used for? Mechanical and automotive products are designed with durable medium carbon steel, such as gear system components and shafts. Some other products include gearing plates, crankshafts, axle shafts, etc.

Pressure Structures

Medium-carbon steel proves useful for pressured structures because of its ductility properties. Pressure structures mean commodities that use high-pressure, hot water or steam, including water heaters, pressurized tanks and boilers.

Railway Applications

The railway system needs medium carbon steel for different uses, such as engineering and manufacturing. A few common uses are tracks, railway wheels, suspensions and several other components of metal.

Benefits of Medium Carbon Steel

Medium carbon steel is easy to twist, cut and bend to create the desired shape quickly. For this reason, numerous industries prefer medium carbon steel for structural applications and household items. Moreover, you can use it in home improvement projects. The great demand for mild steel increases its production. For this reason, it is an affordable material.

Weight of Medium Carbon Steel

In comparison to high carbon steel, medium carbon steel is lightweight. The carbon proportion is an essential factor for weight. For this reason, it is easy to work with medium steel. You can use it to manufacture pipelines, auto parts, ornaments and fences for businesses and homes.

If you have a limited budget, feel free to use medium carbon steel. It is an excellent material that can help you to control the cost of manufacturing projects. Moreover, mild steel is cheap as compared to other materials. Remember, you have to treat this steel to avoid the possibility of corrosion. From tools to construction material and automotive components, medium carbon steel is a suitable option for everything.

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